Roles, Privileges and Guidelines of Editors

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Roles, Privileges and Guidelines of Editors


Lead Editor plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of books. He/She will typically be responsible for these steps for publishing a book:

  • Submitting a proposal
  • Soliciting papers and publicity
  • Preliminary review and handling submitted chapters
  • Assigning reviewer for each chapters


1. A Lead Editor may invite fellow scientist/researchers to join the editorial team as Associate Guest Editor (AGE)

2. Lead Editor may invite maximum 5 editors to edit an issue

3. If a AGE submits a paper to the issue, the Lead Editor (LE) will manage that paper. The LE will be responsible for either handling the paper directly or appointing a AGE (or an Associate Editor) to handle the paper.

4. AGEs cannot act as a reviewer for the papers where he/she is an author/co-author, but another AGE from the issue may review a paper he/she is not managing and for which he/she is also not an author.

5. If the AGE thinks the paper should be immediately rejected (the paper is out of scope, poorly written, etc.), the AGE should contact the LE before rejection of particular paper.

6. Initial review period must not exceed 1 week

7. To ensure a high-quality book and to avoid conflict of interest concerns, a AGE cannot handle a paper if it falls into any one of the following categories:

  • Any research collaborators/members of any of the authors.
  • Any person in the same organization as any of the authors.
  • Present or former students, relatives, advisors or any people closely connected to any of the authors

8. Once all reviewed papers have been accepted for the publication, our production team works with Lead Editor to move to the production stage and upload papers in the website and intimate each authors.


Steps involved in the Peer Review Process

  • Editorial Office initially check submissions for basic administrative compliances (duration: 1-2 days), and then forward submissions to the Lead Editor (LE).
  • The LE assigns all papers to AGEs (including himself/herself) (duration: 3 days).
  • AGEs propose at least 2 qualified reviewers per paper (3 reviewers are strongly recommended) to the office (duration: 3 days).
  • Editorial Office will communicate with the reviewers for review (duration: 5 days) and authors for the correction (duration: 3 days).


Privileges of Editors/Reviewers

  • Editors/Reviewers will receive a prestigious service certificate which is important for academic and professional enhancement.
  • Editors/Reviewers will also be privileged to host National/International Conference/workshop at their own place or country.
  • Editors/Reviewers will get concessions in publication fees in all our journals/magazines. Articles must be prepared in accordance with the author’s guidelines.
  • Editors/Reviewers will avail concessions in registration fees in all National/International conference/seminar/workshop organized by SBER/Biotica.


Important Notes

  • Formatting and correspondence to the authors will be done by the technical team of Biotica.
  • Minimum 10 chapters (excluding editor’s contributions) are mandatory to complete an issue/edited book.
  • Manuscript must not exceed 15-20 A4 pages (double spaced, 1.5 margin, 12 font size) including references, figures/tables etc.
  • Fee Waiver for Article - is applicable only if the first author of the accepted manuscript is an editor. Changing the order of Author Names and also any affiliations once the galley proof is prepared will not be permitted.
  • Only editors will receive complimentary copies of book and individual authors will receive the e-copy of the chapter with cover, copyright, content page and publication certificate (depending on Publication Packages). However, as and when required, extra copies of book may be purchased with special discounted price by editor/author.


Proposal Submission Procedures for Editors:

Step 1: Go to Biotica website
Step 2: Click on the Book Proposal Submission at Quick Links menu
Step 3: Upload all necessary details of the form
Step 4: Click on “Submit Now”


  • Book Titles may be changed or modified during the submission process
  • Must read editorial guidelines before proposal submission


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